My favorite apps

         Today I come, not for a beauty or a fashion article but for a lifestyle one. That's true that I don't often do these kind of article, but today I wanted to share with you my favorites apps on iPhone or cellphones in general.

       As lots of people (I think) I spend lots of time on my phone to play, go on social media or also take photos. I use also ma phone to search informations on internet as phone number, address etc .. So, I'm always on my phone !

         First, my phone is an iPhone 5S in silver that I have for two years now and I'm quite satisfy with it !

          My tree first favorites apps are Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You could join me while click on the right icons in the sidebar into the right of the blog (in the section "Follow me"). I don't post lots of pictures on my Instagram moreover I decided to reset my account so as to post better photos. 

       Zara is my favorite shop on internet and on stores, so it's totally logic that its apps is one of ma favorite !

       So as to retouch my photos on Instagram, I use VSCO which is an awesome app which propose lots of filter and possible changes  that we can use for our pictures, it's top !

        Finally, I will talk about game, a game which make me addicted for one month : 1010. It's a game as Tetris but we can't turn pieces et it's you who put wherever you wants. The goal is to put every pieces on the board while remove lines.

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