A lipsticks wishlist

Today I come for an article about a special lipsticks wishlist. As you could see on the previous article "My first order on BeautyBay", I realized that I have a real passion for liquid lipsticks with a matte finish and especially the nudes.

As I said, I love nude lipsticks in different shades like pinky, browny or also beige. I don't know why but I want to build a collection of liquid lipsticks .. weird ? No, I don't think so, I would just have choies when I must apply lipsticks (I must have an excuse ..) That's for this reason that I selected different brands, websites which propose these kind of lipsticks.

Teddy Bear - Cashmere - Riot - Bleached - Buffy

To begin, I will talk about the brand Lime Crime. This is an american brand which propose really good makeup and there are neutral shades but also more .. extravagants for those who dare. As you can guess, this website propose liquid lipsticks with matte finish, Velvetines. These lipsticks cost 18,07 € and I think that's little bit expensive comparing to other brands. 

Midi - Echo Park - Point Zéro - Kapow - Are n B 

For this second selection, I will talk about the website Colourpop. I think that you have already heard something about this brand if you follow american blogs and Youtube channels. Indeed, this american website doesn't delivered in France until 12th of July ! It's a very good new for those who want to have them in there beauty box. Nevertheless, I must inform you of shipping costs. Indeed, the shipping cost 25 $ which is so expensive and that can discourage lots of people to order. But, people who work at Coloupop said that shipping costs will be more cheap (they hope). So, this is an american makeup website which propose about twenty liquid lipsticks with matte finish : "Ultra Matte Lipsticks". Shades are mostly nudes (I love it!) but we can also find more originals shades .. I let you see on the website. Theses lipsticks cost only 6 $ and this more affordable than the Lime Crime ones. 

Athens - London - Stockholm - Zurich - Rome

Now lets me talk about NYX a brand that lots of know, I think. NYX is an american brand which red hot in France for few times. That's for this reason that the brand open a french website so as to allow french girls to buy the beauties. It propose different kind of liquid lipsticks with matte finish whose this range "Soft Matte Lip Cream". This range of lipsticks propose different shades of colour whose nudes so I make a little selection of those I love. These lipsticks cost 6,90 € and this is really affordable.  

Tea & Cookies - Sandstorm - Soft Spoken - Cherry Skies
As I said, NYX propose different liquid lipsticks with matte finish as "Liquide Suede". This range propose less shades than Soft Matte Lip Cream but shades are very nice and they cost only 7,90 €.  

Beauty Mark - Teddy - Bedtime Flirt
Finally, I will talk about the last range of liquid lipsticks from NYX : "Lingerie". I'm totally fan of this range but I could select only few shades, so there is my three favorites shades of the range. This range has been presented by lots of Youtuber and blogger and I totally cracked for these shades. Nevertheless, there stock is really "wretched" because they have never all the shades. Those cost 7,90 €.

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