A new collection wishlist

So, you will may be thinks "A wishlist again ?!" and "What she have with these kind of articles !" and I understand you. Nevertheless, the last wishlist was only about lipsticks, it's too restrictive ! So, today I come to present you a wishlist more about fashion things (that I prefer). 

Wishlist articles are my favorites articles to right, build etc .. I love going on my favorite websites so as to find pieces which tempt me and that I would have on my closet (even if it really too filled).
First, I will talk about jackets. I know we are still in summer but it's never too early to buy new jackets .. I think that's what I prefer in the fall season : buy new jackets or a wonderful jacket that I will wear all the season (and more). While watching the last sales on Zara I still also watch the new collection and I cracked on two lovely jackets which are really really beautiful : which one will I buy ?

Now, let's talk about dresses. It's true that I don't wear lots of dresses or just for special events or during hot days on summertime. Nevertheless, I want more and more to wear dresses aside from summertime. I think that during this winter I will wear more dresses with sneakers, boots and pantyhose !
Dress Zara     Relaxed dress ASOS    Denim dress UO     Skirt dress Zara 

One of things that I prefer : shoes ! Sneakers, boots and also sandales, I love every kind of shoes. Here, I would rather present you boots because after summertime I will not wear sandales .. because of the weather !

Finally, I will talk about bags and also backpacks ! I search THE perfect backpack for few times now,  i.e beautiful, enough big so as to put my pc on and also solid ! I tried to find the perfect one during my first year in University but without a great success ..

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