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Today, I come back for a new article, after two weeks without publications. I apologize but it will be better now. Indeed, I'm in holidays for two days so I can give myself to the blog. Today, I would share my favorites blogs of the moment with you. 

First, I will talk about the Claire's blog, a stylish Belgian. I discovered her blog thanks to her Haul video (see here) and I totally agree with her style. Moreover, her pictures are qualitative and that's really pleasant. Her articles are about fashion, trips and beauty. So, I let you see her blog !


Now, I will (re)talk about the blog of the sublime and Parisian Valentine. I love her elaborate and original style, with lots of prints. I know her blog for few years now and I'm not getting tired of it thanks to the various article that she propose (fashion, trips ..). So let's go !


For this third blog, I will talk about the original Leeloo. I follow her for few years now and I'm also not getting tired of her blog. I love her sophisticate style for every circumstance with sublime items. Go !

Finally, I will talk about Camille, a relaxed Parisian. I discovered this blog thanks to her Instagram (see here). I really love her style as the other but I totally fall fo the combination of different items she wear. So let's go on her blog and Instagram ! 

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