Wedding selection from Zara

Today, I come back for a kind of article that I don't do for a few time : a fashion selection. As you should know if you follows the blog since the beginning, each selection is about a precise theme. As you could see on the title, I come with a wedding selection. You may be asked yourself "Why a weeding selection ?". I found that the summertime is perfect for this event and I don't hide you that the special wedding category from ASOS gave me some ideas.

As you know, I'm an unconditional fan from ZARA and I always find my pleasure in that shop ! I'm guest to a wedding in one month and I must to find the prefect outfit .. is not so simple ! So I get into the search of this outfit and I obviously go on ZARA and I noticed that it propose different pieces so nice that you and I can wore for a wedding.

Lace dress - Metallized bag - Heels - Earings - Sunglasses

I don't know if you're ok with that but I think that wearing bright colors, especially pastels ones are perfect for summertime. I find that these colors are appropriate for summer and all the more so as for a wedding. Indeed, white is not a color to wear during a wedding because is the bride's color. So, pastels colors are a good option to wear bright color without wearing white.

Bag - Lace top - Pompons sandals - Pant - Sunglasses

I must confess that I think black is not an appropriate color to go to a wedding .. is not perfect for this kind of event. Nevertheless, if we associate this dark color with some bright and colorful peaces like this top and these shoes, we can wore black. 
Long lace dress - Bag - Heels - Headband - Sunglasses

Lets talks about lace, I think that it's a perfect material because it's light and it's good for a wedding. Here, I cracked for a middle skirt which is entirely with lace. Moreover, the combination of lace ans the bright color give a sophisticated effect to the outfit. 
Handbag - Body - Heels - Sunglasses - Ballerina skirt

Finally, here is the last outfit in the dancer spirit. Indeed, the ZARA's next collection propose a scale of peaces with a dancer inspiration throughout shoes, bodys or also skirt like here. I wanted to share with you an outfit with a tendency peace.

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