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Today I come back for the first and real article on the new blog. A lifestyle article, I wanted to share something different with you than beauty or fashion. Bu the way, I hope that the new design please you and don't hesitate to tell me something to change or things that you really like on the comment.

Today, I wanted to talk about Instagram, my favorite social media, the only one on which one I can pass the most of my time ! Until not so far, I was not really active on it because I doesn't find my proper style, yes we must have a style, a filter so as to have a good feed .. By the way, my Instagram pictures are on the blog, find them (it's really easy). As I said previously, so as to have a nice Instagram with beautiful pictures we must have our proper style with good pictures etc .. 

How to take pictures ? The first thing, and the most important is to take pictures thanks to the natural light so as to maximise the quality of the picture. Say good bye to dark pictures and artificial light which waste everything ! Next, try to take picture with a moderate light so as to have pictures which are not overexposed to not waste the colors of it. The framing is also important, for Instagram I advise you to use the square size on the iPhone because after you will not have to cut the picture and you could see the final result.  

And the setting ? Here is those I use thanks to the app Vsco cam  which is and app available on the App Store and also on Android. This is a free app with charged filters. For me, I use the HB1 filter  on the level 7 because it make a pinky effect on the pictures. Next, let's playing with the other setting so as to have your perfect picture. For mine, I put the saturation on -2, the temperature on +1 and finally the tint on +3.

I hope that the article please you, by the way I will create an Instagram category on the blog so as to share my advices, my favorite account etc ..

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