A new design

As you can see, the blog is changed for back to school. You will may be asked yourself why I so often change the design of my blog, right ? The answer is simple, I'm a person who like change, but not for absolutely everything. For the back to school I wanted to have something more refine, more simple, something that I really like. A sort of upgrade to standard but while keeping my old articles because I doesn't want to delete a year of work.

The rhythm of article will be the same as after. Indeed, there will be an article each sunday during school period and an extra one each wednesday during holidays. Sunday is the perfect day for me to right and publish articles.

So as to make my new blog, I went on Easy which is a website specialized on the sale of products made by private persons. You can also find blogger and wordpress template. There are hundreds models which are really pretty and different which allow you to change the design of your blog according your style.

For my blog, I rely upon MunichParisDesign (the Etsy shop) who propose different template which are really cool. As I said, this shop propose refine, simple and affordable template. Indeed, this one cost 19€ but there are also others which are more costly like 29€, but it's steel affordable for a template.

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