Selection : 3 outfits for back to school

Today, I come back for a selection article as the title annonce. If you reads all my articles you knows that I really like to right these kind of articles because it allow me to share my taste for fashion but also for the outfit that I could wear. 

Back to school is fast approaching, you're happy ? I feeling myself happy because I always like back to school whatever the class. It's true that arrived in a new school is not always easy for everyone as go to secondary school to high school or also go from high school to University (and take her life in hands). Today, I would like to share outfits that I could wear the day of back to school and I think that you could also wear them !

To begin, I realized a selection for those who go on secondary school. It's been a long time that I don't go o secondary school but I wanted to make an outfit per class level. For this outfit, I keep a basic and simple style in grey and white shades. To make the outfit more "sporty" I select a pair of sneakers from Reebok (I love them) et and a Zara bomber for only 20 €, just ideal for little budget !

For this second outfit which is more for high school, I wanted to select a dress. It's true that I'm not a person who wear lots of dresses, I'm rather a person who wear jean and especially black ones. Anyway, I wanted to select a female piece which is more casual thanks to these sandales from Mango.

Finally, I will talk about University for this third outfit. It will be my cast for back to school because I start a second year of economic studies. I love this outfit because I really really like this pant from Stradivarius, which looks like a sport pant but more sophisticated thanks to the strass. Next, I stay in the sporty side thanks to these sneakers from Adidas. 


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