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Today I wanted to make a different article ! I didn't want to wright the same kind of article as always, I want to change ! If you read the title you knows that I will bring you with me during a basic day. It was not an exceptional day but I even though share it with you.

So, I chose to bring you with me Thursday, 15th September, a really cool and relaxed day. If you're also in University you must knows that when you doesn't have seminars the timetable is really light : as mine !

9h00 : after took my breakfast, I put myself on my bed during about thirty minutes. I make the most of the opportunity to go on my favorites social media : Instagram, Twitter .. I also make the post of the opportunity to discover new blogs and also go on my favorites blog of the moment. As you can see, I install myself in front of Touche Pas à Mon Poste : a light program !

10h30 : after cleaned the apartment, it's time to go in the shower to begin my day (really!). Before go in the shower, I prepare my outfit that I put on my bed. Why ? Because I'm undecided for everything and if I try on different outfits I will never chose one !

11h30 : after prepared myself, put my makeup and brushed my hairs, I will meet my friend to go to the restaurant. But before that, I can't go beyond Zara. Indeed, so as to go to the restaurant I walk next to all the shops whose Zara. So I went on the shop so as to see novelties and also to may be cracked on little things ..
Buy it !
No way  ! 

12H00 : it's time to meet y friend to go to the restaurant and eat ! We were going to a restaurant which named : Louise. This restaurant is specialized on crêpes and it's really feminine and baroque. My friend and I were both ordered a salad, no crêpe for this time !

13h30 : after finished our meal, we were went for a walk surround the city and especially in FNAC : who doesn't like to fo to FNAC ? I really like the book section and especially the fashion, beauty selection. So, I noticed two books.. cracked or not ?

16h30 : it's time to study ! As I said, I don't have my seminars so my timetable is really light. 


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