Happy (almost) birthday !

Today I come back for a special article that I do one time a year. My birthdays is in two weeks and I thought about some things that I will want (it's the same each year). I wanted to share my wants with you because it could give you some ideas for you or for your family, friends ..

If you read the "About" page you mut know that I will be 19 years old this year. As each year, I have a never-ending list of what I want for this event and I thought that it will be a good idea to show you these things to give you some ideas of gift that you can give to your friends or family.

- Pink Zara scarf 23 €
- Marc Jacob watch 219 €
- Mademoiselle Pierre rings (via Igloo) 175 €

- Balenciaga bag 1 175 €
- Dionysus bag Gucci 1 980 €

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