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Today, an article that I never do in the blog but I wanted to write it. Indeed, I never saw this kind of article on fashion blogs, if I'm wrong tells me in the comments. If you read the title of the article you knows that I will present you my las subscriptions on Instagram.

I your read the first article of the category (read here), you're informed that I'm a really fan of this social media and that become additive .. but I think that I'm not the only one, right ? Today, I wanted to share the last account that I subscribed to with you so as to share my kind of favorite accounts with you. 

My favorite account of the moment : Shotfromthestreet. I don't know if you're like me but I discover new bloggers thanks to there Instagram account. So, as you can guess I discovered the blog of this beautiful and american girl who named Lizzy. I really love her style : simple, uncluttered, chic but also relaxed. She shares her outfits on her blog and also through her Instagram account : a real I'm taken with it !

A second blogger that I discovered thanks to her Instagram account : Pepamack. It's an absolutely beautiful woman and every clothes are also beautiful on her (I'm jealous). I'm also taken for her blog : her pictures are so elaborate, the design is simple and effective. This young woman is european but she lives in USA and she shares her outfits, her style and her tastes : I'm a big fan !

For the first time, I discovered her Youtube channel before her Instagram account : Styleandme. I personally love her youtube channel because she makes original videos that we can't find everywhere on this website. Indeed, her videos are about fashion, trends etc .. Subjects are really interesting for those who love fashion ! So, she shares her outfits through her Instagram account.

Finally, a mummy blogger : Marie or Intoyourcloset. As the two first discoveries, I firstly discovered her Instagram account before her blog : read it here. I really like her style, as always it's simple, chic but also relaxed. Moreover, I really like the fact that she shares her mummy and blogger life through a big social media like Instagram.


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