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I don't if you are informed but I'm a fan of jewelries : necklaces, rings or also bracelets .. Today, I wanted to write a wishlist article but a special one because it's specialized in jewelries. If you follows me scene the beginning, you're informed that these are my favorites articles to write but this is also these kind of article which frustrate me the most. Why ? Because I go in ecstasies on a range of things that I really like to have but I will never have them or more latter .. (this is so sad)

As I said, today I come back for a wishlist article but it will be a special whishlist specialized on jewelries. At the moment, I'm a fan of assortment of different bracelets and especially bangles in gold. I really like this kind of bracelets because it dress very well the wrist. So, I made some search and I find lots of really cute things buy little designers. 

Bangle 44 € - Necklace 80 € - Ring 25 € 

I will begin buy present you these tree pieces from Elsane. I fell in love in front of the beautiful bangle, which is absolutely wonderful thanks to these two pendants which mark the originality of the bangle. As you can noticed, I also cracked on other pieces because I also fell in love with this necklace with two ranges which match with the bangle : it's just really beautiful ! At the moment, I really want to have more gold jewelries and I cracked on this beautiful rings which is so simple, discreet and really sophisticated. 

Necklace 62 € - Pompon bangle 81 € - Bangle 84 €

Now, let's me talk about this brand L'Atelier d'Amaya which is a little and awesome shop. As you can noticed, I'm in love with gold jewelries. Here, I really loved the concept of the personalization : it's so good no ? It's been a long time that I want a carve jewelry with a "P" as Pauline (logical) and this brand propose to do this on each kind of jewelries (necklace, rings ..). Here I chose this necklace which is liven up with this little pompom (whose we can choose the color). Personally, if I will buy this one, I will choose a black pompom because it's neutral and simple. I also cracked on this bracelet we can also carve with a letter or with words (on each side). Finally, this is not a carve jewelry but we can also personalized it because we can choose the letter on it. 

Necklace 44 € - Ring 35 € - Bangle 55 €

Always in the same spirit, the brand Black Palms propose a range of jewelries really pretties. When I went on this website, I immediately cracked for this bangle but silvered. I really love the two pendants which remind the spirit of the brand. Next, this necklace is also very pretty because it bring a worn effect thanks to this kind of medal. Finally, a carve ring (gold) that I love so much because it's simple and sophisticated : everything I love ! 
Necklace 59 € - Stone necklace 59 €  - Bangle 49 €

A little more in the ethnic spirit, the brand Rubambelle propose different jewelries all handmade from a Marseille workshop. This website deliver in the whole France but if you live in Marseille you could have them directly in the workshop. I personally really love this brand because it propose original things and especially handmade. Here, I cracked on these two necklaces really pretty. That I found really awesome is that, in some jewelries we can find the kind of stone that we want. For the first one, I decided to put a moonstone because I love the matching between black and gold. For the second one, I wanted to have a more girly power : pink ! Finally, I couldn't miss out on this bangle, right ? 

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