New in : contour kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Today, I will talk about makeup ! As you probably know, I'm a big fan a makeup products despite the fact that I'm not an expert. I already published two articles in whine ones I present you two makeup's looks (here and here). Today, I will talk about a new purchase that I've done recently. If you follows the blog you might knows that I turned on 19 years old on 22nd of septembre and that I had some present. So today I will show you my new contour palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills that I could buy thanks to a Sephora gift card.

So today I wright the second article of the category "New in", the first one was about a new pair of sneakers. I'm not here to talk fashion but makeup and especially contouring. I began to put some bronzer and highlight not for long time but since I began I fell in love with contouring. So, the start of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand in Sephora was an excuse to buy it !

So now let's talk about the palette ! As I said, this brand came in Sephora for few days, maybe one month now. So I really wanted to test this american brand and especially the "Contour Kit". This brand proposes two kind of kit : a creamy one and a powder one. I have a mix skin so I decided to bought the powder one.

This palette cost 52€, yes is not really affordable for this kind of palette but we must treat herself very well ! Yes, I confess you that if I doesn't have a gift card I probably not bought it ... it's even thought expensive !

I personally take the Light Medium shade because these shade are perfect for my skin tone. The palette have six powders whose two face powders, one highlighter and three bronzer with different shades (one for each season). When I saw the palette I totally cracked for the highlighter which is very pigmented but also discret : we doesn't want to looks like a disco ball ! For the bronzer I honestly test only one, the one which correspond to my actual skin tone but the others are also really beautiful !


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