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Today, what's better than talking about fashion blog ? You must be sure about the fact that I love fashion blog because I created my own one. This time I wanted to share my last discover and I think that these blog will be in my favorites !

I really like discovering new blog and this is possible thanks to Instagram. Yes, I always subscribe to a Instagram account and discover a next time that's a fashion  blogger account ! So I let's you see what's my favorites blog of the moment.

Let's me talk about this beautiful Swedish : Jaqueline Mikuta (hence the name of the blog). Swedish but living in Berlin, this blogger/photographer shares her trendy looks with us and I love them. I really like her way to associate tendency pieces with more basics ones. 

A blogger that I found sublime : Sofia of Matiamu. This old model live in Hamburg in Germany and share her classy, worked and especially trendy outfits ! By the way, for few time she shoot her look with her little french bulldog (I'm in love with ♡). As I said, I was a fan of her Instagram before I discovered her blog.


Again, not one but two fashion bloggers from Germany (Cologne) : Su and Chris. Their particularities ? They are twins (we love it!). I love their style : trendy and casual. They can bring a chic effect on their casual outfit thanks to  some shoes, accessories ..

Again, a blogger that I found really really beautiful : Caro. I realize that I discovered only german blogger. Indeed, this blogger live in Hamburg. As well as be beautiful she's dressed very very well. She's really chic and follow closely the trends.


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