#2 : Christmas makeup

Yes, I know, I didn't succeed in my challenge : make an article per day until Christmas .. Sincerely, I had not lots of times because of my exams and my revises ! Today, I come back for a second Christmas makeup article, little bit darker. I hope that it will please you !
I apologize for the lack of brightness but the weather is not really good at this time and I couldn't do it different because I must make an article for you before Christmas days ! As you can see, I made a second makeup (the first one) darker because I wanted to make a kind of smokey in black and gold !
First step, I apply a black pen (greasy) on my eyelid and I shade it with my fingers so as to make a smoked effect (as I said previously).
So as to the makeup being more charcoal, I apply a black eye shadow on the center of my eyelid while shading it to also make a smoked effect as I want ! I didn't want that the makeup being to dark because it's Christmas !
Don't forget that this makeup is for Christmas days so I apply a gold eye shadow on the center of my eyelid, the black one bring it really out ! You can replace this eye shadow with a silver or a pinky one. Finally, I apply this same gold eye shadow on my low lashes so as to give more dimension to the makeup !


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