#1 Christmas makeup

Today, if your read the title, you know that I will show you a Christmas makeup ! I'de already made this kind of article (see here) and that really enjoyed me so I decided to reiterate the experience. If you know me, you know that I really like to do makeup when Christmas arrive because I like to try different makeups to know which one will be the ONE.

Here, I present you a makeup which is little bit charged because I banked on eyes and lips : is it serious ? Even if it was, I don't care because I wanted to test my new lipsticks from Too Faced.
For this makeup I wanted to make something charged and especially with a touch of glitter. Here, I applied a brownish, orangy eye-shadow on my crease while going back up to my eyebrow. This step is useful to give a charcoal effect to the makeup.

As I said, I wanted to have a charged makeup with a charcoal effect so I decided ti put a darker brown eye-shadow on the crease of my eyelid, next I blurred this color so as to make a shading effect. Then, I applied a gold shadow to give this bright effect. Finally, I applied an iridescent shadow on the corner of my eyelid so as to give a bright effect too. 

For a touch of color, I applied this Melted Matte lipstick Bend & Snap from Too Faced. This is a burgundy color and it's conformable and especially really nice !

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