An article per day until Christmas ?

Today I come back for a new article ! I apologize for my absence but I had lots of stuff with the University and it's not done until my end-of-term examination which are in one week .. But after that I will come back with new articles because I will be in holidays for few weeks. So I will have all of my times to make articles and especially an article about my trip in Prague.

Today, I show you the first article of the new articles series. This article is useful to present you this new challenge that I will try to hold despite my exams ! As I said I will try to make an article everyday until Christmas. if you are like me you must have a little thing so as to wait Christmas day ! So I decided to take up your time until this festive day !

I will try to make some various articles, around Christmas, or not. I already made a little (big) list of articles ideas that I could present you. By the way, if you have articles ideas that you likes to see on the blog, tell me that in comment !

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