Black coat and glitter touch

 Today I come for an outfit (yeeeesss) ! I really really love to show you this kind of article and I know that you also know it. That's it, winter is officially here and the weather it's really cold so I could take my lovely beanie from Zara and I love it ! I also wanted to show you my beautiful black coat from Zara that you can find in the "Shop my closet" page of the blog. In this look you could also see my glittery socks from Calzedonia which give a "fun" effect to the outfit. So, I let's you see the outfit and I hope it will please you !

Coat Zara - Sweater H&M - Beanie Zara - Socks Calzedonia - Sneackers Superstar - Jean Mango (last co) - Pochette Zara (last co)


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