Leather and .. glitters again

Today I present you an other outfit, shouted the same day as the last one. I don't hide you that the weather was really cold, around -4°C and I was freezing with my little sweatshirt, but it was for the outfit ! I don't know if you notice that but the blog take a more fashion way, a way that I prefer. Indeed, thanks to my friend Sarah I can present you more outfits because she takes pictures, thank you Sarah !

In this look I wanted to wear my new dress found at Zara in Nuremberg and it was in sales and this is not the case in France so I think that a made a bargain ! I also wanted to wear my new sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters (find in sales too). So I hope that the outfit will please you !

Dress Zara - Sweat UO - Derbies André (last co)

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